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Monday, April 17, 2017

Does Apple QuickTime Player support h.265 on Mac OS Sierra/El Capitan?

H.265 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest generation video compression standard which compresses a video file into smaller package, making it easier to store or transmit. Today is the turn of HEVC. However, many devices and applications like QuickTime player are still need time to support the new codec. Do you have some HEVC/H.265 files saved on your computer, and wonder how to make H.265 files playable in QuickTime player on Mac OS Sierra/El Capitan? You’ve come to the right place.

Since QT player can work with H.264 MP4, MOV, M4V videos well, to get H.265 files playable in QuickTime Player, a quick fix is to convert H.265 to QT Player readable format for playback easily.

One of the best Yosemite/Mavericks H.265 Converter from the market so far is Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac, which is recentlyupgraded to support H.265 encoding and decoding and it can be taken as a completely professional H.265/HEVC encoder, decoder, player and editor.

With it, you can convert H.265 to QuickTime player friendly H.264 MP4, MOV, M4V video on Mac OS Sierra/El Capitan with quality loss effortlessly. And it is available to customize the output resolutions to any size the users want and edit video file with trim, crop, add watermark, insert subtitles, split, merge and other options before conversion. What’s more, it also supports convert non-H.265 video files to H.265 for storage and playback. Download the program and move on to see how to convert H.265 videos for QuickTime player on Mac OS Sierra/El Capitan .

Download H.265 to QuickTime player converter:

Tutorial: Converting H.265/HEVC to QuickTime player friendly format

Step 1. Add H.265 source

Install and run this best H.265 Video Converter. Click add button to import the H.265 files to the program.

Windows Video to Mac Mini Converter

Step 2. Choose QuickTime Player friendly format

Click the Format menu, select QuickTime Player friendly format as your output video format. There, you can take H.264 MP4, M4V, MOV as your output video format.

Choose Quicktime MOV Format

Tip: In case the default settings do not fit your requirement, you can click “Settings” button and enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

Adjust QT MOV profile settings

Step 3. Start conversion

Finally click the Convert button to begin encoding H.265 to QuickTime player format.

After the short conversion, go to the output folder and drop the converted files into QuickTime player. Once all this is done, add your converted videos to QuickTime player.

Additional Tip:

Want to find another solution to play H.265(HEVC) videos? Just get the best QuickTime Alternative for Yosemite/Mavericks.

Here is a list of the top 2 options:

1. DivX Player

DivX player is another robust HEVC video file player. It is an award winning software that offers HEVC playback. It offers high-quality playback of movies, TV shows. It supports almost all the popular formats like AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4 and more. By using its DivX Media Server one can stream music, video and photos to any DLNA-compatible device at home like PS3, XBOX, or Samsung Galaxy line of product. With the Stream To feature in player user can also control which device they can stream their videos to.

2. VLC Media Player

Another player that can play HEVC file is the VLC Media Player, which is a free and open source player and framework. It supports a wide range of multimedia files. It can also play DVDs and various streaming protocols.

Now you can experience the H.265/HEVC videos on your QuickTime Player on Mac OS Sierra/El Capitan  freely!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Four Ways to Convert Audio on Windows PC (Windows 10 included)

Sometimes we want to set our favorite song as the alarm ringtone, or extract the audio out of a video for importing to iPod. In these conditions, we all need to convert audios or convert to audio. There are many ways to convert audios on Windows 10. In the following section, I offer some easy solutions to help you do that.

Part 1. QuickTime

First install QuickTime 7 for Windows. Launch it, open a video or audio. Then click File to choose Export…, a small window will pop up to let you choose which format you want to export to. 

Part 2. VLC

#1. Visit VideoLAN - Official to download VLC media player for Windows for free. After you install it, launch it. Click Media to select Convert/Save.

#2. Then hit Add button to add your videos or audios.

#3. Choose Convert from the drop-down list in the next picture.

#4. Choose the audio format you want to convert videos or audios to.

#5. Set the destination, then click Start.

Part 3. Online Conversion

Cloud Convert is a great online conversion tool. It supports the conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. Check the supported formats for more details. The audios conversion is so easy to it.

Part 4. Local Converter

Pavtube Video Converter is an amazing converter for Windows 10. It can not only convert sound files to different audio formats, but also convert almost all HD/SD videos to audio formats for setting as ringtone or importing to iPod. In addition to this, this App provides powerful editing functions, like trimming audio, inserting SRT/ASS/SSA subtitle, etc. Besides, you can set the bit rate to 320Kbps for high quality.

If you want a Mac version, please turn to Pavtube Video Converter for Mac.

How to Convert Audios on Windows.

Step 1. Click "Add Video" or "Add from folder" button to choose your audio or video files.

Step 2. There are so many preset output formats prepared for you. Just choose what you need.

Step 3. Click "Settings" to open “Profile Settings” window. Resize the Bit Rate by changing “Bitrate(bps)” option to 320000.

Step 4. Click the "Convert" button in the main UI to start converting your files to audio formats. You can see your converted files by clicking "Open" button. Then you can take them for other uses. Enjoy!

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